Healthy Living

Cooking Matters

Cooking Matters

Through a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation we are able to provide services and resources for people to have access to healthy lifestyle choices.

Are you interested in learning more about cooking and nutrition?

How about learning about resources for exercising that meet your needs?

Would you like to have better knowledge about access to fresh foods through community gardens and farmers markets?

How can parents become more engaged in their children’s school and the community?

Are you interested in learning how to manage chronic health conditions?



Healthy Living – Teller County, CO

Contact us for more information about the many Healthy Living programs we offer, as well as many of our community partners:

Or check out our Class Schedules page for the calendar of locations and classes!

Community Gardens

Community Gardens

Two classes impacted my life. One was the Healthy Cooking class. It taught me how to eat a more healthy meal. It also helped me eat healthier meals for my diabetes. The other class that helped me was the Chronic Disease Management class. I had just been diagnosed with diabetes and didn’t know much about the disease. I learned a lot of about the disease and how to manage it, to get the best control over it that I could.” – Sue Z.




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